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买足球彩票技巧 PART 4四級聽力綜合訓練20題 Model test 1 Section A

Directions:In this section,you will hear three news reports.At the end of each news report,you will hear two or three questions.Both the news report and the questions will be spoken only once.After you hear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C)and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1with a single line through the centre.

Questions 1 and 2 will be based on the following news item. 1.A)62 B)64 C)60.D)Unknown.

2.A)The better off.C)Ordinary people. B)Financial institutions.D)Government.

Questions 3 and 4 will be based on the following news item. 3.A)Give teachers extra help.C)Show up in class.

B)Engage in main activities.D)Often constructive advice. 4.A)It has nothing to do with higher math score. B)It works in some subjects,but not in others. C)It leads to higher scores in social studies.

D)It encourages students to do better in science.

Questions 5 to 7 will be based on the following news item. 5.A)Stricter security restrictions were imposed on luggage. B)Luggage delivery services offer travelers convenience. C)New services caused a lot of trouble in checking luggage. D)Airlines give travelers opportunities to fly first class. 6.A)Two minutes. C)Two days. B)Two hours. D)Two weeks.

7.A)The pickup time is not scheduled C)Valuables are easily lost. B)Extra packaging is required. D)The price might be too high. Section B

Directions:In this section,you will hear two long conversations.At the end of each conversation,you will hear four questions.Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once.After you hear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C)and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1 with a single line through the centre. Conversation One

A)She wanted Dr.Tyler to sign on her schedule card.

B)She wanted Dr.Tyler to determine the number and variety of her courses. C)She wanted to talk to Dr.Tyler about the modem American novel. D)She wanted to explain why she dropped the chemistry course. 10.A)If his seminar on the modem American novel is welcomed.

B)If he signs his name,Jenny won't work hard as ever. C)If Jenny can take two seminars in a semester. D)If six courses might be too much for Jenny. 11.A)Calculus.C)Chemistry.

B)Modem poetry.D)Introductory economics. Conversation Two

12.A)He wants to get his money back.

B)He wants to exchange the sweater for another one.

C)He wants the clerk to help Mm read the Chinese instructions. D)He wants to see why the color of the sweater changed. 13.A)It is the wrong size.C)It is stained.

B)The fabric is coming apart.D)It shrinks a lot.

14.A)The customer didn't follow the instructions.C)The man no longer has the store receipt. B)The sweater was out of stock.D)The man isn't a VIP.

15.A)Because it wasn't shown out.C)Because it was too obvious to notice. B)Because it was printed small.D)Because it was erased by the woman. Section C

Directions:In this section,you will hear three passages.At the end of each passage,you will hear some questions.Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once.

After you hear a question,you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A),B),C)and D).Then mark the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 1with a single line through the centre. Passage One

16.A)High expectations.C)Showing satisfaction.

B)Opposite characters.D)Forgiving and communicating. 17.A)80.B)82.C)160.D)164.

18.A)People should aim high to ensure they are active in maintaining a happy marriage. B)The couple's relationship skills are important to their marriage.

C)People tend to select partners with different characters in marriage. D)Partners who have the same characters will lead to a dull relationship. Passage Two

19.A)How to improve your reasoning ability.

B)Why classical music is popular with math students. C)The difference between classical music and rock music. D)The effects of music on the results of math tests. 20.A)Because it keeps you calm.

B)Because it strengthens your memory. C)Because it stimulates your nerve activity.

D)Because it improves your problem-solving strategies. 21.A)The effects of music so not last long.

B)Piano music could interfere with your reasoning ability. C)Music,whether classical or rock,helps rave your memory.

D)The more you listen to music,the higher your test scores will be. Passage Three

22.A)Because there are no signs to direct them. B)Because no tour guides are available.

C)Because all the buildings in the city look alike. D)Because the university is everywhere in the city.

23.A)They set their own exams.C)They award their own degrees.

B)they select their own students.D)They organize their own laboratory work. 24.A)Most of them have a long history. B)Many of them are specialized libraries.

C)They house more books than any other university library. D)They each have a copy of every book published in Britain.

25.A)Very few of them are engaged in research.C)They have outnumbered male students. B)They were not awarded degrees until 1948.D)They were not treated equally until 1881. 答案詳解 Section A

Questions 1 and 2 will be based on the following news item.

Hundreds of thousands of people across France have taken to the streets to demonstrate against.President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to raise the retirement age.Trade unions say nearly three million people turned out in scores of demonstrations,but the government says less than a million people took part.It's the third day of protests in the past month.

The pension reform goes before the upper house of parliament the Senate,on Tuesday with President Sarkozy insisting that its central provision,raising the minimum retirement age by two years to 62,is non-negotiable.According to the government the only way that the French pension system can remain economically practical,given longer m expectancy,is that people work for more years.However opponents,including the Socialist Party,say the change are unjust and tht the pension system can be preserved if higher taxes are imposed on financial institutions and on the better-off.

1.What’s the minimum retirement age in France before Sorkozy's plans?


2.According Io the opponents,whose interest should be protected?


Questions 3 and 4 will be based on the following news item.

Some American schools pay teachers more if their students improve on tests.Now,there is a growing movement to pay the students,in some cases,even just for coming to class.Schools that pay students can be found in more than one-fourth of the fifty states.Other schools pay students with food or other rewards.Last year,the city schools in Coshocton,Ohio,launched a programme.They wanted to see if paying elementary school students as much as one hundred dollars would help in passing state exams.Now,Eric Bettinger of Case Western Reserve University has reported mixed results.Math scores increased,but only while students were able to get paid.And there was no evidence of higher scores in reading,social studies and science.Officials will decide later this year whether to continue the programme. 3.What should American students do to get paid from schools?

C)詳解:新聞開篇部分提到,現在有些美國學校推出一項新舉措獎勵成績有進步的學生,蕓至學生僅僅因為到學校上課就可得到獎勵。因此C為答案。A,給老師額外的幫助、B,參加許多活動C和D提供指導性的建議,均沒有在新聞中提到。 4.What's the result of the programme to pay students?

B)詳解:新聞中用了mixed results來概括獎勵學生這一舉措的有效性,指出它能提高學生的數學成績,但僅在實施獎勵的情況下才有此效果;并且尚無證據表明它能提高學生的閱讀、社會科學和理科的成績,可見它對一些學科有用,但對另一些則無效,因此B正確。A,它不能提高數學成績。、C它能提高社會科學的成績和D它鼓勵學生在科學方面做得更好均不符合新聞內容。

Questions 5 to 7 will be based on the following news item.

As struggling airlines add extra-luggage fees and travelers worry about growing security restrictions,services like Luggage Forward and Luggage Free have emergedas ways to avoid the troubles of checking bags.While typically seen as a luxury,more Americans are using such options for run-of-the-mill trips.The idea behind the luggage delivery servicesis to make traveling as headache-free as possible.

Customers load up their suitcases as usual,with no special packaging needed.Shipping slips for luggage are mailed to them.A pickup time is scheduled,usually for a two-hour window.If the bags are being sent to a hotel,the hotel worker will typically call customers to let them know their belongings have arrived.Rates vary depending on the weight,distance and speed of the delivery.The new luggage delivery services promise to provide greater convenience by helping customers clear customs,track packages and pick up luggage at home.Still,the price can add up for a big order.But compared to the mess it would’ve caused at the airport,the price was worth it,said Kolodny,a 45-year-old resident of Great Neck,New York. 5.What is the main idea of the news report?

B)詳解:新聞開頭部分的avoid the troubles of checking bags表明,新的行李托運服務可免去乘客機場安檢的諸多麻煩;后面提到的as headache-free as possible也說明新服務可減少航空旅行的煩惱,另外新聞從各方面介紹新服務為旅客帶來的便利,因此B。行李寄運服務為乘客提供了便利B正確。八節時行李托運實施更嚴格的安檢限制。、C。新服務給行李安檢帶來許多麻煩。和D。航空公司為旅客提供搭乘頭等艙的機會。均與新陽 內容不符。

6.How long can luggage be preserved in the new delivery services?


7.What is the major drawback to the new luggage delivery services?

D)詳解:新聞結尾提到,新的行李托運服務價格不菲,可見該服務的缺點主要在價格方面,因此D。價格可能太高了。正確。A。沒有規定的領取行李時間。和B。需要額外包裝。與新聞內容相反。C。貴重物品容易丟失。沒在新聞中提到。 Section B

Conversation One

W:Excuse me,Dr.Tyler,your secretary said I should come right in. M:Please do,Jenny.How can I help you?

W:I need to get your signature on my schedule card here,on the line above advisor's approval. M:Sure,but let's look it over together first.How many courses do you have here?


M:Six?That's quite a heavy load.Any particular reason?

W:I had to drop my chemistry course last semester when I went into the hospital,so I need to take it again.

M:So you've already learnt a lot of the material.

W:Right.And calculus is a part of the second year requirement.

M:Let's see,Chemistry,Calculus.Oh,I see you'll be in my seminar on the modern American W:Yes,I'm looking forward to it and the romantic poetry seminar,too. M:Two seminars?That is rather a lot.Can you handle the work?

W:I think so.The introductory economics is fairly easy and so is the music course.

M:Well,then I'll be happy to sign the card.However,I insist that you come and see me after the first week of classes so we can make sure this isn't too much for you. W:That's a promise.

8.Which grade is the student in?8.WtticJt grade is the student in?

B)詳解:對話中,學生說到:微積分是二年級的一門必修課。表明該學生讀二年級,故B正確。四個選項分別表示大學本科一、二、二、四年級學生。本題聽音的重點,二是看選項中的原詞是否在對話中有所提及,二是看對話中是否有與選項含義相同的其他表達方式。 9.Why has Jenny come to see Dr.TyIer? A)詳解:見面時的寒暄一過,學生就說出了自己的目的。我需要您在我這兒的課程卡上簽名。A與此一致,為答案。選項均以She wanted開頭,表明本題問“她”做某事的目的,可能問對話的主旨。

10.10.What does Dr.Tyler seem to be most concerned about?

D)詳解:當學生說她這個學期修了6門功課時,老師說:。六門課?學習負擔相當重啊。對話結束時,老師叮囑\上完第一個星期的課以后,你一定要再來我這里一趟,我們再看看這么多課程會不會讓你吃不消。\可見老師擔心學生學習負擔過重,故D正確。 11.Which course hasn’t Jenny taken?

B)詳解:對話中提到,學生所選的6門功課分別是chemistry,calculus,modern American novel,romantic poetry,introductory economics和music。未提及的是選項B,故選擇B.四項均是功課名稱,聽錄音筆領對提到的相關內容做好標記。 Conversation Two

W:Hi.How can I help you?

M:Yes,I'd like to return this sweater for a refund.I bought it a week ago. W:Well,first of all,what seems to be the problem?

M:Well,isn't it obvious by just looking at it?The first time I washed and dried it,the thing shrank at least five sizes.It wouldn't even fit a snake.

W:Uh,I see what you mean,but did you follow the washing instructions?I think it says here...yeah...right here on the label to hand wash it and then to dry it on low heat.

M:How was I supposed to know that?The label is written in Chinese!And something else:the color faded from a nice dark blue to a seaweed green.What kind of merchandise are you trying to sell here anyway?

W:Listen,sir.We take a lot of pride in our clothing.What I can do is allow you to exchange the sweater for another one.

M:I don't want to exchange it for anything!I just want my money back!

W:Well,I can give you credit on your next purchase,and since the item you purchased was on

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