課堂新坐標2013-2014學年高中英語譯林版選修9教師用書:Unit 2 Witnessing time - 下載本文

买足球彩票技巧 www.lbmkq.icu she had him arrested and held in the Tower.(P27)然而,當女皇在1592年發現他已秘密結婚時,就派人拘捕了他并把他拘禁在塔里。


I have had my hair cut.我已剪了頭發。

He has had his bike repaired.他讓人把自行車修了。

①have+賓語+do讓??做?? ②have+賓語+doing讓??一直做

Don't have your kid carry so much water. 別讓你的孩子擔這么多水。

If you have your horse working day and night,your horse may get ill.如果你讓你的馬日夜不停地工作,你的馬也許就會生病。


(2011·陜西高考)Claire had her luggage________an hour before her plane left. A.check B.checking C.to check D.checked

【解析】 考查非謂語動詞。have sth. done讓??被做,故選D。 【答案】 D



Tom ________________ while playing football. ②史密斯先生在度假期間,他家被盜了。

Mr smith ________________ while he was away on holiday. ③我不允許你和你父親那樣講話。

I won't ________________ your dad like that.

【答案】 ①had his leg broken ②had his house broken into ③have you speaking to

5.In 1616,he was given permission to make a trip to South America to look for gold on behalf of King James.(P27)1616年,他被允許代表金·詹姆士去南美尋找金子。

(1)give sb.permission to do sth.允許??做?? Father gave me permission to use his car. 爸爸允許我用他的汽車。

No official permission has been given for the event to take place.這項活動未得到正式批準,不能進行。

ask for permission請求許可

get/receive permission獲得允許/接受允許 give sb.permission to do sth.允許某人做某事 with your permission在你的許可下 without permission未經允許

The teacher gave me permission to go home early. 老師允許我早點回家。


①誰允許你提前下課的? Who________________class early? ②她未經許可擅自使用了汽車。 She took the car________.

【答案】 ①gave you permission to leave ②without permission

(2)on behalf of 代表;為了

He spoke on behalf of all staffs of the company. 他代表公司全體職工講話。

On behalf of the department I would like to thank you all.我謹代表全系感謝大家。

on behalf of sb.=on sb.'s behalf代表/代替某人;因為某人;為了某人 in behalf of sb.=in sb.'s behalf為了

She gave a piano recital in behalf of a charity. 她為某慈善機構舉行了一場鋼琴獨奏會。 【對接高考】

(2013·遼寧高考)________everyone here,I wish you a pleasant journey back to your country.

A.By means of B.On behalf of C.In search of D.For fear of

【解析】 by means of意為“用,憑借”;on behalf of意為“代表”;in search of意為“尋找”;for fear of意為“擔心”。根據后半句句意“我祝愿你回國的旅途愉快”可知答案,即“我代表這里的每個人”。

【答案】 B


③我代表我母親給您寫信,以表達她對您送禮物的感激之情。 I am writing ________________,to express her thanks for your gift. ④今天校長不能來,所以我要代表他發言。

The president can't be here today,so I'm going to speak ____________. ⑤噢,不要因為我而麻煩。

Oh,don't go to any trouble ____________.

【答案】 ③on behalf of my mother ④on his behalf ⑤on/in my behalf 6.remains n.遺產,遺物;剩余物;殘骸

The Ming and Qing Imperial Tombs are among the most extraordinary cultural remains to be found anywhere.(P30)明清皇家陵寢是世界上被發現的最令人贊嘆的文化遺產之一。

the remains of an old castle古堡的遺跡

Here is the remains of a temple.這是一座寺院的廢墟。 The remains of the castle can still be seen on the hill. 還可以看到山上殘存的城堡的遺跡。

remain v.留下,剩下,留待linking v.繼續,依然 ①remain to be done留待以后做

②It remains to be seen...是一個固定句式結構,意為“(情況未明)有待去證實;要看怎樣發展”。


After ten years,he remains a worker. 十年后,他仍然是一個工人。 She remained at home with the children. 她和孩子們留在家里。

As is known,much work remained to be done. 大家都知道,還有許多工作要做。

It remains to be seen what the results of the tests will be.測試結果如何尚待以后分曉。


(2010·福建高考)In April,thousands remained________abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud.

A.sticking C.to be stuck


of holiday-makers

D.to have stuck

【解析】 考查remain的用法。句意:在四月份,數以千計的度假者因為火山灰云層而被滯留在國外。故選B。

【答案】 B



When the others had gone,Susan ________ and put back the furniture. ②他所說的有待去證實。 What he said ______________.

【答案】 ①remained ②remains to be proved

7.Of the thirteen tombs,only Changling,Dingling and Zhaoling are open to the public.(P30)


在這個句型中,of在此不表示所屬關系,而是表示部分和整體關系。tombs表示整體,Changling、Dingling and Zhaoling表示整體中的一部分。

Many of the students come from other countries. 學生之中的許多人來自其他國家。

Of all the works his painting was the most beautiful. 在所有這些作品之中,他的畫是最美的。 【對接高考】

(2012·浙江高考)________all the animals I've ever had,these two dogs are the most sensitive to the spoken word.

A.From B.Of C.For D.With

【解析】 句意:在我養過的所有動物中,這兩只狗是對口語最敏感的。of all表示“在所有的??中”。

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